Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pimp(led) my (fore)head

This has got to be the most unflattering-est photo of my forehead
Not that i can help it. This must be the after effects of threading! Usually i would notice one or two pimples after threading my eyebrows and upper lip but i have never expected them to pop up mercilessly on my oh-so-clear forehead!
As the Malay saying goes, "..bagaikan cendawan yang tumbuh selepas hujan."
I should change it to, "..bagaikan jerawat yang tumbuh selepas pembenangan."
I don't even know what's threading in Malay. XP
I have been applying pimple gel religiously on my forehead, since i have a gathering coming up this weekend, and i can't afford to walk around with pimples on my forehead.
Today i took photos of a meter relay and spent most of my time facebooking and blog-reading.
Dem productive la wei~

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