Monday, May 12, 2008

Just keep on rollin (workin), pa.

With the announcement of 58 as the mandatory retirement age for public sector employees, i asked my 52-year-old father whether he would choose to retire at the age of 56 or 58 (to retire at age 58, public sector employess must submit a notice at age 56).

"I have to continue working. Your sister will only be in Form 3 when i'm 56. The pension is only half of what i'm getting now. At least if i retire at 58, she has already finished schooling."

My father's answer broke my heart.

Don't get me wrong, but i want my father to retire earlier since i don't think his workload is getting any lighter. Earlier he said that his current position in the narcotics team is tiring and he admitted that he's not fit for the job anymore. Nevertheless, since the department lacked any experience officers, he was chosen to lead the team.


Hopefully i'll be able to get a good, damn well-paid job after graduation to support my family and help my young-at-heart father lead a healthier life (i feel that he so tak sayang his heart).


Today at work i finally finished e-mailing customers! Phew~ it was such a tedious and unnecessary (marketing) job but hey, i guess if you want to tarik more customers, you gotta make a lot of effort. Even if it includes e-mailing e-mails which will not necessary get to the recipients.


Let me touch a bit on politics. I feel funnyla when the spotlight is directed to the case of an-MP-from-somewhere-which-sounds-like-asam-gelugor who is under investigation for commenting about some state ruler's prerogative.

I mean, HELLO, we've got other important crisisla wei! The rising price of goods, especially beras (no no no, no way i can consume less rice, i can't function without rice), aids to Taufan Nargis and the just-only-occurred earthquake in mid-China where a few schools collapsed, trapping students.

Ini tak pasal-pasal nak gaduh pasal benda kecik. Nak cakap korang semua tak berpelajaran, itu adalah tuduhan yang tidak bernas. Patutlah saya tak nak pergi mengundi. Buang tenaga dan masa saya jer.

And hey, i remember that there was incident on some fella (who likes to snooze!) commenting that the perlantikan of a Menteri Besar in our YDPA's state is unconstitutional and some fellas were going on against the perlantikan ceremony.

But i did not here any further hoohoohaahaa on the case (above).

Apa macam sekarang?

Even my mother couldn't help giving some negative comments on how that the laws in Malaysia seems to NOT apply to EVERY Malaysian citizen.

Stupidity never ends it seems.

sigh~ sigh~

I so need a vacation.

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