Friday, May 16, 2008



I admit that i stopped following American Idol ever since.. ever since Fantasia won. My mother has never failed to follow all the seasons up until the latest so i can safely call her an American Idol fan.

Yesterday i watched the final 3 show, which ended with two Davids getting into the final. Yesterday's show had the contestants singing three numbers: one chosen by the judges, one chosen by themselves and one chosen by the producers.

I can only recognise 3 songs from yesterday's song:

With You by Chris Brown (chosen by David oh-so-innocent Archuelta)
He took a gamble, and it just proved that the genre doesn't suit him, but i think he should receive a round of applause from trying something new..

If I Ain't Got You by Alicia Keys (chosen by Randy Jackson for Syesha Mercado)
Hmm.. it's a great rendition but i think something's missingla..

Dare You To Move by Swithfoot (chosen by David Cook)
Ah! Like the audience, i was surprised when he announced he was going to sing this, and he was like (to screaming fans), "Oh, you've heard of that?" =_=!! But i was disappointed cos it was too short and to quote Paula Abdul, it left me wanting for more! =/

So which David will succeed in becoming the next American Idol? (this must be said with much passion as how Ryan Seacrest always does it)

It's a 50-50 thingie. David A. appeals more to younger girls and maybe mothers/aunts while David C. is damn HOT and sexy which leaves all girls salivating when he's with his guitar.

Well, for girls who like guys with instrumentsla.

I am a girl who has this thing for guys who can play instruments, find them very sexy-licious if they do.

So, i'm rooting for David Cook!


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