Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I wonder how people can handle working in offices.

After 3 weeks of interning, i learnt how to spend my time well whenever there is nothing to do by..

.. reading politicians blogs/websites!


How interesting can my life ever get?

From Pak Lah's son-in-law's to Lim Kit Siang's to Tun Dr. M's(quite a boring one) and the list goes onla.. i feel that i am slowly losing my mind!

Or not..


Anyways, reading their posts gave me insights on what the hell is happening in Malaysian politics, which can be quite frustrating because i can never tell who is telling the whole truth, and nothing but the truth or who is telling cowdungs, and nothing but cowdungs..

However, if any of you do visit any of the sites mentioned above and maybe others, always and i mean always, read the comments!

They're damn interesting at timesla weh!

Okay, so i dem wu liao. Shoot me with a water balloon if you want (nothing else allowed, please) but i don't care! I am addicted to reading those nonsense (or un-nonsense) written by these supposedly intellectuals who are representing the rakyat!



Oh, and i have watched Closed Note starring Erika Sawajiri and my favourire actress Yuko Takeuchi on DVD bought from Tower Records KLCC for a price of 20% off! Haha.. cost me less than RM15.00, can you believe it?

However, i was a little disappointed with the movie. It just fell short of my expectations. Surely it was sad, but it was unable to make me cry and i feel that the storyline just lacked.. story.

It tells of an undergraduate named Kae (played by Erika Sawajiri) , an aspiring teacher, part-timer at a fountain pen shop, who stumbled across and old notebook/diary of a previous tenant from the house that she had just moved in.

The diary belonged to Ibuka (played by Yuko Takeuchi), a primary school teacher and Kae reads it most of the time the movie, imagining the what goes on in the teacher's life. On the other had, she met and fell in love with a painter, Itoshibi (played by Iseya Yusuke) who dropped in the shop she worked in to buy a specific fountain pen (fat, with a sticky feeling) and slowly she developed feelings for the dude.

Now, in Ibuka's diary entries, it was mentioned her encounters with a man named Takashi who coincidently has the same name as Kae's favourite actor, and so Kae kept imagining Takashi-the-actor's face when she went through the diary.

However, after trying to express her love to Itoshibi-san, she found out by surprise that her love is unrequited and that Itoshibi-san is somehow connected to Ibuka!

(spoiler: Itoshibi-san = Takashi)


By how you asked?

I lend you the DVD then you watch, k? Don't want to spoil it for you..

*laughs an evil laugh*

Anyways, like i said, i don't like the movie as much as how i like Be With You/Ima, Ai Ni Yukimasu. I find Yuko a bit weird as a primary school teacher, although she looked mature enough for it and her kind face just suited well for the role.. i find the acting a bit.. stiffla.. or just a bit.. weird..

Nevertheless, she's still a beauty with a really nice long hair in the movie. Her feminity just drives me green with envy! And her signature smiles/grins just make you go, "Awwww... so cute!"

Erika, however did well, especially in the scenes where she screwed up with her mandolin playing. Haha..

About Iseya.. hmm.. i'm not so sure.. his acting is just okay-okay.. I don't remember seeing him in any other movie or dramas before.

So, in conclusion, i like Be With You better than Closed Note.

YUI's ending song for the movie is just splendid though! Before i watched the movie, i heard the song and saw the movie and my initial opinion was it will be another sad love movie which will rattled my heart and gives me endless goosebumps!

Tapi tak jadi rupanya.

But Love& Truth is a good song.

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  1. Enjoyed Closed Note. Yusuke Iseya is also in Sukiyaki Western Django and Casshern. Good looking actor.

    Yusuke Iseya Fan


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