Thursday, May 22, 2008

18 and 100


One of Feli's and Kristen's hamsters passed away this morning. ='(


My sister turned 18 on Monday and we celebrated with our usual KFC dinner and a cake from the not-so-famous Baker's Cottage.

The cake was amazingly good, albeit the sponge cake being spongey and dry and I dislike sponge cake (unless it's pandan flavoured). However, its creamy filling it good, although it fell short in terms of its taste. Imagine Secret Recipe's Yogurt Cheese, minus the yogurt, the cheese and the sourness.


Yesterday, I went out for dinner in Lorong Seratus Tahun in SS2 with the boys to try out their famous Penang curry noodles, complete with pig's blood and seahams.

Don't be foOled by its name! It is not a LORONG! *gasps* There is actually a place in Penang called Lorong Seratus Tahun so they practically brought the food to SS2, leaving the lorong behind. ^^ Dwight said it is exactly like the Lorong Seratus Tahun in Penang, without the kampung feel. =P The tables and chairs are all made of wood, and in the middle of each table contains the sambal for curry noodles, soy sauce and container for long, black chopsticks, forks and spoons. It feels like a normal outlet, not as grand as Old Town White Coffee tiams but definitely cleaner than those roadside stalls/open air stalls.

The otak-otak came first and I was quite surprised by it's size! So small! Like a size of a lepat pisang/ubi. Definitely suitable for starters only. It isn't as spicy as the one I tried from Batu Pahat and it is not as yellow as the ones in Penang. Taste-wise, I think it's edible enough. It has some leaves inside which I could not identify and it has strong curry leaves taste. Not bad if you want to chew on something while waiting for your main dish. =)

Next, it's the siew yok! As you can see from the photo, they don't come in huge pieces. Just enough to tease you! =P The portion is quiet small like the otak-otak and a bit salty. Tastes better when you dip into the sauce, which is light and a little sour from the lime juice they put in.

The boys distracted me from my initial plan to take photos of the food by pointing towards cLemon Clement and his big bowl of noodles. Sadly to say that I FORGOT to take any photos of the food. Sorry. =_=

Yes. Although he is small in size, his appetite is as big as his mouth. He ordered curry meehoon with extra meehoon with all the blood and seahams.

Dwight ordered curry meehoon+mee with extra pig's blood. It was the first time any of us met up with him in anywhere besides Terengganu and Penang. Hehehe. He's doing his industrial training in Jabatan Meteorologi Negara.

Yee Chuan ordered the same as me, curry meehoon without blood. Earlier during ordering, this shy-but-actually-not-so-shy fella laughed at my Hokkien! I think he found my Hokkien funny or amusing since I hardly speak Chinese when I'm with them. No harm trying though. And I also succeeded in ordering by the way. *V sign*

The first time Ernest brought them to the restaurant, Wei Kiat actually said that he would go to the restaurant everyday if he was staying in SS2! He misses Penang as badly as how much the others miss their hometowns too so it's a good thing that Ernest is able to bring them out makan-makan once in a while. Here he ordered curry noodles without seahams.

Ernest ordered mee mamak, which came in a small portion (suitable for those who like their dinner small). Although he said it is not that good and it is better to order the curry noodles since the latter is more filling, I quite like it. It has bits of potatoes, tau foo and egg, and it looks better than the ones you get in mamaks.

I ordered curry meehoon minus pig's blood since I wasn't too keen on eating blood. However I took a bit from Dwight's and it tasted like JELLY! It's not bad and I would order it the next time but without the seahams. The seahams were horrible! They tasted raw. I dumped them all to Ernest. =P

The curry noodles was normal. I've never tried authentic Penang curry mee before so I did not know what to expect. The only thing that upsetted me was the fact that the gravy was not SPICY! =/ I love spicy gravy for my curry noodles so I was quite disappointed. My drink was Hong Kong Milk Tea and it taste like any other teh peng. =P We didn't try any of the desserts since we were busy chit-chatting and catching up with one another.

Lorong Seratus Tahun offers variety of Penang specialties. Besides curry noodles and mee mamak, there are Penang char kuey tiaw, chee cheong fun, prawn mee and etc. The prices are a bit more expensive than the original Lorong Seratus Tahun in Penang (RM5.50 for a bowl of curry noodles instead of Penang's RM3.50) according to Dwight. The drinks offered has a longer list while they serve limited desserts (ais kacang, longan in sea coconut, etc).

Anyways, for all those Penangites who miss Penang food, head over to Lorong Seratus Tahun in SS2, okay? It may or may not serve the best Penang food in Selangor, but go and try if you have not!


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