Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Somebody help me!

Because of this, i haven't been able to enjoy my daily dose of entertainment from crunchy roll.

Okay.. i know it makes me sound like i buta IT or something like that but please, if there's anybody out there reading, help me solve this darn problem, k? I've already updated my Adobe Flash Player numerous times (okla, 3 times so far) so i think my javascript might be turned off i supposed.


Potong stim.

I've just finished the 3rd episode of Malaysian Dreamgirl and Heroes as of today!


If only i could do something to my hair. It's so... bawwrrriiing. And it's balding.



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  1. Whaaaaatttt now only Ep3 kaa? You gotta catch up! Ah then again you've been watching other stuff too.. Not like me.. No life.. Only watch MDG and OTH...Did I tell you Jean is my junior? Her batch will be coming to Glasgow in June.. Anywayyyyy.. back to the books...


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