Friday, April 11, 2008


My finals are gonna start this Sunday, the 13th, so wish me GOoD LucK, k?

So far among the Malaysian Dreamgirls, i dislike Cindy the most. She has this weird accent when she speaks, it's like half-MalaysianEnglish and half-British which is a bit annoying. And the way when she catwalked during the 1st live show.. hmm.. something wrong there. And Ringo too.. but i dunnola..

I like Fiqa and Valerie, but i think Valerie's gonna get kicked out soon! I watched up til the 6th episode so far.


Anyways, some of the uni buildings have been decorated with signs which lights up at night. The best has got to be the library's!

In the day, it looks like this:

At night:

Nice no? EC said they ought to put it on the both sides of the library, but i think if they did, the library might end up looking like a shopping mall at night!


The kerenggas that have been terrorizing the gate of my house here is getting pretty crazy. I wonder what the heck is this plastic-y thingie?

Can anybody enlighten me on this stuff?


  1. umm... it ALREADY looks like a shopping mall. Haha...

  2. UwaAaAaaa F***~!!! Those kerenggas look scaryyyyyyyyyy~!! Shite I hope I can get used to ants, roaches, lizards and what nots when I go back to the land of stray animals and bugs. EeEee~~


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