Monday, April 07, 2008

Say hello to da sensei.

If you've never seen a diode..

or a potentiometer..

or even a transistor before..

or this darn Motorola 68K Microprocessor Training system before..

which is often coupled with this I/O dude..

then you should start coming to my microwPEE and e(R)ectronics class to learn a thing or two..

even though my class HARDLY pays attention to me like this bunch of budaks..

which i would often go and whack them if i caught them NOT paying attention to me..

だから。。。Just to give you a gist of what me and my students look like when we're happy together.. Please enjoy this view from a kid called Nokia N73。。

This is a random one by yours truly.


I've just finished watching 2 episodes of Malaysian Dreamgirl, and i'm refraining EC from watching it currently.

Hee Hee.

Don't have a favourite yet, soonla...

I wish i have some of their bodies..


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