Friday, April 25, 2008

Goodbye little one..

The night before my second last final paper, my sister sent me a message online, informing me that my youngest cousin, Nithya was in coma in the hospital due to high fever and internal bleeding.

The 1st time me and my family met her.. a tiny little baby who hardly cries and loves to sleep.. So innocent, so pure

God knows how shocked i was at that time, i was practically crying my heart out, shocking Mun Yee and Yng Jiun.

It was heartbreaking to know that a young, innocent child was fighting her life is the cousin that i played with during Chinese New Year.

CNY BBQ and steamboat party 2008.

After being in a coma for a few days, she returned to the Lord this morning, and was taken back to Kelantan for a praying ceremony before her cremation tomorrow.

I was dumbfounded when my father told me the news, because i was really hoping for a miracle.

She's young, barely even 2 year's old. And yet, she had to go so early. She hasn't learn how to speak, ride a bike, go to school, learn how to read, write, fall in love..

My father said to her grandfather, "Maybe God loves her more than we do."

Maybe He does.

But it is so unfair. It is just unfair. She's just too young for this..


To Nithya darling, I feel so sorry that you had to go so early. I wish that I had more time to play with you, I wish that I had stopped at the hospital when i was on the way back home to PJ. I wish of a lot of things, but i wish that you will have a good life after all the suffering you went through and i wish you a safe journey tomorrow. May God bless your soul and may it rest in peace. The joy that you brought us within the short period of time, i am very thankful for that. I love you girl, and you will always be a cousin of mine.

To uncle Asrin and aunt Ai Ling, my condolences to both of you, and you both know that this is the best for her. Let's leave the past at where it is and hope for a better life ahead of you. She loves both of you so much and she knows both of you love her as much.


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  1. Ohgosh I feel aweful. So terribly sorry to hear that. I totally empathise with your family and esp her parents. I know it is hard to think of anything positive that has come out of something like this. But as humans, I guess we've got to accept the workings of a higher power and learn to let go.

    You take care girl. Don't be too upset *hugZ*


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