Monday, April 21, 2008

Closer to home.

I have around 3 more days here in Terengganu and i am so loving that fact!

I met my Seaport juniors when i went to McDonald's 2 days ago and i was surprised to see them there. Saw them earlier but chose to keep quiet.. malu kalau mereka tak kenal saya.. until Jenna Loo shouted, "Oh my God!"

Thank goodness she remembered my name. Saw her in Midvalley once and she straightforwardly said that she didnt remember my name.


I so dem populer.

Later that night, we celebrated Dwight's 22nd birthday with 8.. eight i tell you! Lapan, pat, pa, pek.. pizzas for 19 of us.. could only managed to down 2 slices.. =P

EC's trademark finger pose: The PLAYBOY bunny

Darn lazy to type. Summore must study.

Later then~


  1. Hyeee WeenZers!!

    Haha I was just wondering the other day whether anyone would remember us if we went back to Cport just for the heck of it! We've become olddddd~!! 4 years of leaving high school ediii!!

    PLAYBOY BUNNY FINGERS?!?!! Do you know there are dildos here being sold that look like those pink playboy bunnies... HRMMMM HEH HEH?? Bes tak Ween?

  2. argh!!


    of cos lah best!



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