Tuesday, May 06, 2008

How i wish that..

.. I do not have to go through industrial training.


But before i go on with my endless rants, i shall update you faithful readers with the happenings in my life!

First up: the long ride home

Ernest came to pick me up at 6.30am and after loading my things into the car, we left KT for the greater good with MoOn Ping and Alex in the MoOn Ping's Kancil and 2 hammies!

Yesh, hammies as in hamsters! Therefore, without further delay, let me introduce you people to...


And together, they are..



Both cuties belong to Feli and Kristen who had asked me to take care of them for them (??? dem confusing) during this less-than-3-months period.

The journey home was a wet one since it rained most of the time and took a very long time since MoOn Ping's car had problems with its radiator. We stopped at Hai Peng in Kemaman for brunch where its Cham drink is just horrible but Vietnamese coffee was sooooo kao that i approve! The boys had Nasi Lemak Ikan (expensive, small portion, so not filling) and Ernest had Nasi Dagang which was much to his chagrin, a disappointing meal, coming from a famous kopitiam. I had toast with egg with special curry (dhal curry to be exact) which was good, but expensivela for a kopitiam standard.


Had late disappointing lunch in a restaurant which sells durian themed pastries, cakes etcs but the fried rice and mun yee noodles were just plain. Luckily the durian tarts and durian bombs saved the restaurant's face, if not, i wouldn't go there anymore!


Last stop was Genting Sempah's McD's where we had tea. And i reached home at 10.30pm.


Next in line: movie updates!

The first movie i watched after coming back was The Forbidden Kingdom since the two old Js are my heroes. However, the movie lacked a lot of oomphs! The funny scenes are usually amusing since there's Jackie (yalar, when there's Jackie, sure funny wan) and the fight scenes between him and Jet Li are good, except that they were too little. Jet Li played a really funny Sun-Wukong, completed with his trademark, wide grins (Jet Li has really happy but funny smiles/grins, don't you think so?).

The funny thing about this movie is how that the two Js characters can converse in English, padahal the movie was set way back in time in those oollllldddd Chinese eras.


Me rate: 6/10

Pity i couldn't watch L Change The World. Went to watch Iron Man on the second day of its release. And it compensated the disappointment in watching The Forbidden Kingdom. The technology in Orang Besi is very damn overrated, to an extend that it doesn't make sense (although it'll be damn cool to have it) and i'm sure no one's using it yet currently.

Kudos to Robert Downey Jr who played Tony Stark/Iron Man fucking-smart businessman who practically build some high-tech gizmos while he's stuck in a cave in some desert with all the besi buruks and craps.

I like his sarcasm. Very much.


And the Iron Man himself is a very good machine.

Basically, i was like.. "Phwoarrrr.. Wow.. Wahlauweh!.. Can like that wan meh?.." throughout the movie. =P

And Pepper Pots! So pretty! Hehe.. ooh, not to mention i would like to have some of Tony's cars if he ever plans to donate them to anyone. Hee.

Me rate: 8/10

Malaysian Dreamgirl

I guess everyone knows that the much hated Cindy won and the very much loved Hanis got third place while the much blur-blur Adeline got placed in the middle.

Most people (esp Hanis's fans) would be unhappy, but hey, the votes have spoken.

*Survivor theme song playing in the background*

Now, it's all in Cindy's hands. It's all up to her if she can live up to the title of Malaysian Dreamgirl. That is, if she's able to be the girl Malaysian men/boys dream of and the girl Malaysian women/girls dream of being.

She is after all, our dreamgirl.

Gosh! Uh, i don't dream of being her by the way. I'm not sure if she fits the title. If they reconcepted the program into a model search competition like ANTM, i think she sure out awal-awal already.

Or maybe not.

Anyhoos, all the best to youla Cindy, and also to all the other finalists!

Industrial Training.. is a boring affair. I wonder how am i going to write my report and present to the department. Possibility of NOT getting an A or this course is.. 1 (one).


Looking forward to the gathering in One Utama's Shogun soon!


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