Tuesday, January 22, 2008


On the day where my schedule is so freaking full, there's water shortage at my place.

I'm sticky and feeling a lil lazy.

I've settled my industrial training application, sent to 3 companies so far which deal with semiconductors mostly. Some of my coursemates sent more than 10 applications, which made me go, "Wahsey! Why so kan cheong wanz?"


Anyhoos, this semester has been labelled the busiest ever since 4 out of 5 days of classes start at 8am and Tuesdays+Wednesdays are so freaking packed!

And assignments, labs.. *sigh* for someone who always don't do homeworks back in the school days, i'm having trouble trying to do my assignments!


Anyways, emo-ed yesterday during the full moon. After having dinner for Ken's birthday in KT, we went to the Batu Buruk beach where A&W is situated and the view was breathtaking. The moon shone so brightly and the light reflected itself on the sea. Most of us enjoyed ourselves there (Yng Jiun said the moon gave her power, luckily she didn't turn into Sailormoon)

Moon Prism Power, MAKE UP! XP

..but for some of us, the moon triggered our emotions and made us so sad.

I was so unhappy yesterday. Although only a small matter arose but it triggered some explosions and made the lava spilled out of me.

Shitla. So emo.


But no worries, life is good actually. The bad times are meant to be dealt with. That's why they said life has its ups and downs. If not, sure damn kau boring wanz. Right no?

Been staying out late for a week having late dinners and yamcha sessions which assisted in the increment of the weighing scales at my place now. With the current situation at home in here in KT which all of us cannot deny, i like staying OUT of home with the girls.

Cause we're just damn plain nice people. =)

I stink.


  1. wahhhhh~~ Emoing while looking at the moon siottt... Yea yea weih I oso damn emo these days.. Why arr why arr??

  2. KT so teruk la! I want water!! I stinked too. Yesterday. I just bath cause I can't tahan dy. haha.


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