Friday, January 11, 2008

Emotional adjustment

Updates! Updates!

Found out that the Physics department has a problem with me undergoing industrial training with attachment in Guinness Anchor Berhad. I understand if the reason is because the company carries out activities irrelevant to my course and more suitable to Bio and Chem students BUT it seems that if i were to go there, i would be creating heaps of controversies since non of my lecturers can visit me at the site.

Sad. Some more won't be having any problems getting into the place.

Now i have to look at other places.


I recently realised that i need a major change in how to handle my emotions. I get pissed off very easily when i get annoyed, and those whose characters are pains in my rear end usually get booted of my social island instantly.

Yesh. I don't hide it if i don't feel like being friends with people who don't deserve my friendship. I ain't friendly and i sure am a bitch at times. I do not compromise with people who treat me and my friends like dirt, and i won't hesitate to return the favour and let them be invisible to my social circle. And i sure darn hate those people who likes to get themselves involved in my matters and treat them like jokes or give personal opinions without me ever asking.

So fuck off.


EC becomes a victim on my moody and emo days. When we first came back to uni and started classes, i had problems accepting the fact that he does not SMS me in class/SMS me frequently like during the previous semester and had been paying less attention to me. This results me in being in states where i would sulk myself up to the point that i'm close to tears while trying to focus in class.

I need all the proper care and attention that i should get from him, but i guess i have to be more reasonable and focus on more important things, like, my life.

But he is part of my life. That's why i always focus on him during class, outside class, at home, while i'm eating, before i sleep.. etc.

I'm a complicated creaturelah. But i so hope he understands.


And i still believe ignorance is really bliss and friendships should not be forged among those who are not interested in them.

And thank goodness i barely care what people think of the current situation.

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