Sunday, January 27, 2008

suffering from back pains and assignments

I'm supposed to be doing my assignment which is due later in the evening, but i've given up on it and decided to pass it up latelah.

Sitting for hours and hours and hours looking for answers for the assignment is giving me a backeggache and lo and behold, i went blog-reading instead!

Pah! Who cares about what material will be produced if you dope zinc in germanium or the effective densities of states of electrons and holes at room temperature?!

I feel like smacking my lecturers' heads for making my life hell!


Oh, i am no more president. Wheeee~~

I feel like i want to scream my lungs out.

I want to hug EC.

I need neverending sleep.

I want to go home.

sakitnyer belakang..

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