Monday, January 28, 2008

It started off with..

I started the day with an upbeat mood: happy, less of worries, determine to seize the day and conquer all the knowledge that would be enlightening me(although only one class and i did NOT finish my work) and basically just stress-free.

Class was good, the lecture(r) was boring but not enough to make me sleep through it. Everything was so nice..

..until one unbelievable incident happened which made one of my friends cried.

I find the incident so ridiculous and i almost wanted to slap the person who did it to her. What kind of nonsense is it when you shout at people for touching your arm because he/she wanted to tell you something but you don't mind another touching (or tickling you)? And for the fact that you have to shout.. why??!! Can't you just explain nicely??! Is it very hard?

If indeed you are spoiled/pampered at home, don't expect that here. Don't think you're darn special that you can just put down whoever you want, especially those being nice to you. And if you expect that people will tolerate with you, i wonder how long the toleration will last. I wonder if they are really tolerating or just scared of you. I wonder if i should regret being nice to you. I kept imagining ways of getting back at you if you were going to pull that stunt with me. I won't hesitate to fight back. Even if i have to cry while doing it.

Lastly, please practise what you freaking preach.

*hugs dear friend*

My mood went downhill after the (above) incident and i was pissed off at EC over some small issue, which could have created a disaster if he did not have much patience with me. How i hate those people who have judged us after listening to one side of the story.

Selfish? Me? Are you sure?

I have to tolerate? Why?

Hey, i'm not the one who promised to change. I'm not the one who hates someone and blames him for other people's sin, while assuming that the other one is innocent. I'm not the one who scolds the girls for wanting to look nice and started to look nice a few months after. I'm not the one who goes to others' house and not greet all. I'm not the one who's being selfish.

But nobody looks at our side. Except for those who knew the truth. Nobody wants to know our stories. Then to you nobodies, don't comment and don't tell us what to do.

If i could write a book of my life right now, i wonder if it will be a sell-out.


Anyways, dear friends, never fear, you don't have to come and save me or anything. I am ok. Ok?


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  1. WalaO~ Much anger.
    Thats it WeeN.. Let it all out.
    Them nasty people will burn in hell.


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