Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hello everybody! Sorry for the lack of posts. Did ya all miss moi?

I know Selene did.


Now let me fill you with a chronology of events which i went through.. err.. past few weeks.

First up, i went cheong kay!

Yesh! I finally went karaoke-ing after planning for some time. Since my CNY holiday started early, i decided to go back to KL first to do some shopping. The day i reached KL was the same day i went karaoke-ing with some of my coursemates. We went to Neway in Berjaya Times Square, where Cantonese is the main language i think. But that didn't stop me from singing people's songs and munching on free buffet. XP Too bad we didnt stay longer.

Shopping for New Year was insatisfactorous! (got such word ah?) Lack of time, lack of budget, cannot buy this, cannot buy that (yesh sir bwannee sir!).. However, i managed to get a top for my course dinner (after endless searching and disapprovals from Ernest)!

Chinese New Year was.. QUIET.

Came back on the 10th night, uncle banged a cat (those who has no experience whatsoever,just imagine the sounds when you drive over branches.. ugh). I think the cat didn't surviveloh.

A lot of news popped up after new year. Election's coming soon and i couldn't be bothered to register myself as a voter. Ah ah.. before you go on saying how irresponsible i am for not registering, please bear in mind that i'm not interested in helping to shape up our government with all the supposedly-right people.

Bullshit. Next time i go vote, ok?


Edison. Edison, Edison.
Now, i have seen the photos. And whoa! I've SEEN him. Really. Whoa. I'm not gonna rate for you ok? If you wanna know where i saw the photos, just ask k? And i wonder the fate of Cecilia Cheung..
But then ah, whyla he keep all the photos inside his laptop? Keepla inside CD ka, external hard disk ka..

Read Sunday's The Star that some gangsters plan to assasinate the poor fella. Want to teach him some lesson it seems.

Pity the poor boy. And unlucky too.


I want to cheong kay very muchie!

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  1. Yes! Me misSzerss yewwwww!

    wooO~ I have em peekcha's too. Nasty things they are. Bastard of an Edison. FooOOLs them women were.. FoooooOOOLS I tell ya....

    In another topic... HAHAAHA omg.. My verification word is 'FOGEK'. My god that sounds soO wrong somehow....


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