Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I wasted 2 days of freedom (from going out) by oversleeping and overeating.

Go figure.

Finally i got a reply from my LI coordinator regarding the letter from the university which i am supposed to handover to the company which i'll be training in.

And i'll be only getting it during the next semester.

So lambat. Haiyah.

Although i have one place confirmed for me, i couldn't help weighing other possibilities. Ernest said it's better to have back-ups, while Wen Zhen (will be doing her LI the same time as I do) said we should have at least 15 choices of companies! =_=!!

I dunnola. See how. See how.

Bloated on SS3 curry mee today. And will me having mom's chicken rice for dinner.

Really feastingla during this holiday.

Tomorrow it's bowling day!

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