Sunday, December 09, 2007


Went shopping with Pak Wan darling in Bangsar. We dropped by at places that i've heard only in CLEOs or random boutiques that she brought me to like Mooie, gossips, my dress room, little black book and etcs.

I bought 3 tops! THREE i tell you! But i spend less than RM100 thank goodness..


Yesterday i had my late birthday celebration where Ernest presented my 1st present by Mun Yee, Yen Lin & Yng Jiun which is いま、会いにゆきます/Be With You drama DVD set which i eyed when we were in Ampang Point! I was so happy cos i've been wanting to watch the drama since i love the movie so so much! Thanks girls!

He then gave me my favourite imported Japanese chocolates: Van Houten's Dear Cacao! I fell in love with the choccies when i bought it in 1U's Jusco during the Japanese Autumn Fair. We shared the choccies before zooming off to watch The Golden Compass after having lunch in Yoshinoya!

Speaking of the movie, it fell off my expectations. To me, it wasn't so great although i love the polar ice bears! Although it was a part of a trilogy, i was still shocked (like mulut terbuka kind of shocked) when the ending was left hanging just like that.

Maybe i shoud read the booksla.

We headed to Pavilion to have some drinks in Starbucks before going for our dinner in Jake's Charbroil and Grill in Starhill Gallery, Bukit Bintang. It was really confusing trying to locate the restaurant since all the restaurants there were weirdly scattered around and my feet were hurting from all the walking (until i bought another pair of heels from Cleef to change, not to mention a nice orange bag! XP) Had a nice promised dinner of mussels in garlic sauce, steaks and apple pie ala mode (again, told you i love apple pies!)

Mango Passion Fruit juice blend and hot Mocha!

Dinnertime! Good steaks (but i'm not sure whether it's worth the money.. =/) but HORRIBLE apple pie!

And the bestest part must be my 2nd present:

A LeSportSac bag of the tokidoki range that i've been wanting to have!


I had a nice day. Yesterday AND today.


Must use next week to settle my industrial training thingies! MUST! MUST!

*very determined*

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  1. NICE BAG!!! i want also...haih...will be on a tight budget when i go kl on tues...

    eh, why you've to settle your LI stuff now? not too early kah?


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