Friday, December 07, 2007

The Teapot Cafe

Was introduced to this place by Wen Zhen and Pak Wan darlings when we had our tea in suchan. Wen Zhen said it serves good apple pie and thus this apple pie fan (yours truly) was so excited to go and have a taste!

Yesterday, i dragged Ernest to the cafe with a mission in mind: To try the apple pie!

Living up to its name, this cafe's interior is full of teapots! You can see all kinds of teapots, from Mickey Mouse-shaped to lettuce-shaped to some funny Arabic-shaped and the mini ones too! I'm pretty sure the owner is a fan of teapots! Or maybe a teapot collector? =P

The lighting is pretty dimmed and it reminds you of an English teahouse, flowery, with framed pictures on the wall.. it's really a cosy place to have tea actually. And the staff there are really friendly and polite. The business must be run by a family since we had young boys serving us besides the staff.

I was quite a amazed that the place was filled with people and thought that it should have its own fan. And we saw Rafidah of 3R! Ernest was asking me to go and take picture with her but i was too paiseh and i didn't want to disturb her anyways.

I wanted my apple pie but Ernest, being a fan of teatime (this fella never misses his teatime) suggested that we try the Devonshire Tea set.

The Devonshire Tea set comes with a pot of tea of your choice (tea leaves or teabags from 3 brands which i can't really remember.. something that sounds like Dilmiah, Whittards and sumthing.. XP), a sandwich (egg or tuna), 2 scones with cream (yummy-licious) and strawberry jam and a slice of cake of your choice!

So Ernest chose Afternoon Earl Grey tea and i picked tuna as our sandwich and we tried tiramisu as our cake!


Tea: Uhh.. Ernest said that it doesn't taste like any regular tea, but i can never differentiate teas! But i do like my tea HOT cos i believe that tea doesn't taste good when it cools down.

Sandwich: Typical tuna sandwich, but good enough to fill your tummies!

Scones: Hard on the outside but crumbles in your mouth and soft on the inside.. And it so goes well with the jam and cream. I'm a cream-lover and therefore this goes well with me! And i like the fact that the scones are not hard to eat and hard to swallow like the scones bought from Giant bakery.

Cake: The cake was a boo-boo. Sponge cake filled with cream and there's too much cream! And the sponge cake was a bit hard to swallow.
=( I like suchan's tiramisu betterla.

After the tea set, i was still unsatisfied because i didn't get to carry out my mission so we ordered the apple pie ala mode!

lalalalalalalalala.. a lil disappointing though..

My verdict: The apple fillings taste EXACTLY like McDonald's apple pie's except with bigger chunks of apple slices BUT the very tak best part about it must be the pastryla. The pastry failed. And i sungguh sedih.

We were bloated. Isn't it funny how you can get bloated because of teatime? *winks*

The cafe is opened everyday except on Sundays and public holidays from 12.30pm - 10.30pm while on Mondays it's only opened til 6.30pm. Oh, and its located in SS2 btw, same row as CIMB bank, facing the main road going towards Kelana Jaya and the roundabout near Lisa de Inn. Besides tea, they serve lunch and dinner occasionally and have food ranging from local delicacies to Westerns such as roast beef, fish and chips etc. And they have ox tongue sandwich!

Looking forward to going there again to try some others things and you guys should go try too!

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