Wednesday, December 05, 2007

EMO-ish post

Went to lunch with Kenny/Teik Keen and Wai Loon this afternoon.

Ate chicken rice!


Then went off to potpetpotpet/bobekbobek with Kenny/Teik Keen in Starbucks (Giant Mall, Kelana Jaya) about our (love) lives. Or the lack of them. Or the confusion that surrounds them.

Maybe he was right about me not approaching my dear about the "getting together" subject because i was afraid to lose the wonderful things that i have now.

And indeed he was right.

Yes. I am afraid that if i approach my dear with the subject, he would tell me that he's still confused/scared and he doesn't want to be forced into a relationship and i'll lose everything.

I once told Pak Wan darling that i (confidently) am not afraid of losing it all and she didn't believe me.

"Aren't you at this stage where you're comfortable with each other and if it's gone you'll just lose it?"


This sucks. But i'm not so emolah.

Not so.

I'm fine i guess.

I'm mentally preparing myself for it.

I think i'm prepared.

But i don't knowlah.

I'm just a regular female that needs her insecurities to be wiped out by the dear.


I sayang my bwannee anyways.

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