Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Went to watch Enchanted in Cineleisure Kota Damansara with my 2 sisters and Ernest today.

The movie was downright fairytale-ish, y'know, like the ones you get in the happily-ever-after books BUT in real life! Imagine the singing and dancing.. in real life! I llluuuurrvvveee the part where Gisele sang and danced in the park and got everyone dancing and singing together! It's like, it's like... Hindi?
It's definitely a hit with children especially little girls who are into princesses, castles and the sorts.
And Amy Adams, she was so convincing as a cartoon character being sent to the real world. Check out how she speaks and behaves as Gisele in real world. Freaking fairytale-ish! And her dresses.. ohmygod.. saya suka! Sangat suka! James Mardsen as Prince Edward is a dork! Mwahahahaha...

And Pip the chipmunk must be loved by all! Must!

How does she know that you love her? lalalalala... (very infectious song, but very entertaining!)

Looking forward to this 2 movies:

Alvin and the Chipmunks! A classic! YAY!

The Golden Compass - i love polar bears! -

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