Saturday, December 01, 2007


The girls came back from Langkawi yesterday and we went out to have lunch of tom yam (VERY sedap woh!) and ais-kacang near Yen Lin's place in Ampang. Forgot to take any pictures of the food since i was busy indulging in my food while the girls (Yng Jiun & Yen Lin) told us (me, Ernest & Ken Sheng) of their adventures of endless walking and getting helmet stuck under the rental car in Langkawi.
Then went to Little Korea in Ampang where the place is where majority of Koreans stayed. A lot of Korean restaurants there, and their mini-markets too. So if you all need imported-from-Korea Korean nudles, head on to the area which is located opposite Ampang Point. We bought some nonsense (junks and Pocky/Rocky-like sticks) and excitingly feast our eyes on some Koreans. And got myself this:

Carbonated drink which tasted like Aiskrimsoda+Sprite+7UP in a penguin-shaped bottle. Loved the bottle but i gave it to Yng Jiun since she liked it too! Can buy it for myself next time anyways.. Cute kan?

After our adventures in the lil town, we crossed over to Baskin Robbins for some ice-cream. (How can you not have any ice-cream when there's Ernest around?)

Went to the Pavilion since Yng Jiun needed to meet up with her family at the opening of a Hong Kong originated Restaurant called DaiTin Hill (Kim Gary/Wong Kok style, but has food with interesting names and targetting mostly ladies, hence desserts where placed in the first 2 pages of the menu!).

I think the Pavilion is a better place to shop than The Gardens. Was so tempted to shop but must keep my promise to Yng Jiun and Yen Lin to shop there the next time Yng Jiun comes down to KL.


Went in Forever 21 to try some clothes but most of the ones i chose did not flatter my figure (made me look pregnant!) but i like this one:

Nice tube dress! But i'd look better in it after some working out!

Had our dinner in Ichiban Ramen since i didn't have any mood to eat burgers (Ernest wanted to go to Carl's Jr.) and had a Japanese feast!



What a day! If only i could do some shopping..

- UVER-sadness -

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