Thursday, December 13, 2007


Had an outing with Ernest, Ken Sheng, Bee Kee and THE VIP: Pui Tze (ex-unimate)

yours truly and THE VIP

Went bowling in Midvalley and 2 of us ended up with broken nails! (ke lian chongs: Ernest and Pui Tze)

I tak puas! Wanted to play somemore but somehow i dislike Cosmo Bowl.. it's so dark and crowded! Cuti sekolah punya pasal..

Oh! We had lunch in the food court, makan-ed Portugese grilled ikan pari and sotong!

sedddaaaaappppp siaaaalll sambal dierrr...

Then went to Sony Centre since Pui Tze wanted to buy this fella:

And then zoomed off to The Gardens to snap snap here and there and window-shopped (ugh, found something nice in edc by espritla)

cam-whoring dalam tandas

IPANEMA of Starbucks

Christmas fever in The Gardens

mushrooms! =P


me and a penguin which costs around RM200 sumthing.. =O

Anyways, will be stuck at home in the mean time.


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  1. i actually went down to take a pic with the mushrooms...with my mom and sis. wahahaha!!!


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