Friday, December 14, 2007

Unleashing my daemon

Since i'll be watching The Golden Compass again tomorrow with my sisters and cousins, i went to check out my daemon! Found out the info where to check out your daemon at what is your daemon?

Basically you go to the official website and put in your name, sex (since daemons are of the opposite sex of the human beings) and rate how you disagree/agree to 20 questions given. So this is the result for my very own daemon!

WeeN says: I am at times. But i hate last minute plans/thingies too. So howleh?

WeeN says: I admit i am at times. I don't like boasting, and i certainly dislike people who are boastful and talk too much, but no action, like how they sayla.

WeeN says: Ah.. flexible enough, but of course like i've said before i hate last minute thingies.

WeeN says: Eh, i quite kan cheong wat!

WeeN says: Guilty as charged. But i not kiasu, ookkkaaaayyy?

I'm not perfectla. I definitely admit that. But i don't come up with funny excuses as why i am not perfect. At times, my imperfections make me more perfect than i already am.


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