Sunday, December 16, 2007

How often..

.. do you get to see a piano, a drum and a violin dancing on stage..
.. and walk up the steps towards Cineleisure Damansara..
.. and take pictures with you?
Jesica (my cousin) and my 2 sisters, Christine and Sherlene with Dimmie Drum
Hebat tak?

Anyways, Dimmie Drum, Penny Piano and Vinnie Violin are characters of HELLO MUSIC LAND, the world's 1st live interactive cinema for kiddies now showing in Cathay Cineplex Damansara from 6-23 December.

Caught them when i was in Cineleisure to watch The Golden Compass and the fellas instruments were dancing at the Bazaar dan Pameran Penyayang Selangor. Besides them, there were performances by kids from different homes and a cheerleading team, CHARM from unfortunately-i-don't-know-which-school-if-not-i-would've-help-them-with-some-free-publicity.
Speaking of the movie, it helps me understand certain things, not to mention that i missed a few minutes of the movie the last time i watched it. At least now i know why the Magisterium is trying to catch Lord Asriel. =P Still i have doubts whether Mrs. Coultier is really Lyra's mother. Hmmm.. and her daemon looks so eeeeevvvvvviiiiiiiiilllllllll...

The Street of The Curve on Saturday! So many orang..


Today i went out to have breakfast/brunch/lunch with one of my besties, Aimi since i haven't been out with her since i came back for the hols.

Initially was thinking of taking her to delicious @ MS. READ, but since i read reviews about the laksa and pan mee of CHARMS, we went there instead.

So i ordered CHARMS laksa while she had the seafood fried rice.

My big bowl of laksa comes with a plate of delicious sambal (really good sambal i tell you!) which really enhances the laksa! Without the sambal, the laksa tasted bland. Oh, the CHARMS laksa is in curry laksa form, with thick gravy, seahams/kerang, fishcakes, shredded chicken and taugeh. Topped with mint leaves which i chunked out since i so don't like mint leaves. XP

Aimi's fried rice comes with 2 big pieces of prawn crackers, slices of cucumber, spicy sambal (unlike my laksa's), prawns and squid! I couldn't verdict on hers since i was too busy with my laksa (really fillingleh..) and even forgot to take pictures of our food!

Sayang sekali..

Nevermindla, next time kena ingat amik gambar.

I took this photo of some dangling thingies from where i sat to enjoy my CHARMS laksa! :P

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