Sunday, December 16, 2007

PMS blues

I'm have THE PMS.

I feel like snapping (like a red snapper?) to anyone who tries to piss me off.

Just now i think i might have upset my mom when i was complaining about a certain green panties (which doesn't belong to me) which kept appearing amongst my laundry.

Soowwwwiiieee mama.

Currently watching Asian Idol.

Now the Indian Idol is singing the Hindi version of peterpan's Tak Bisakah after the latter performed.

It's amazingly good though, with lots of violin, unlike peterpan's version.


Unfortunately his vocals are a bit weakleh.. and the song quite shortleh.

So far Jac's and HadytheSingaporeanIdol's performance was the best.

*crosses fingers*

Hope Jac will win!

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