Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tis the season to be..


Fa la la la la, la la la la..
Okay. I don't celebrate Christmas, but i have been getting into the celebration since last year, and this year too!

If any of you have seen this as my facebook profile:
Lemme tell you that the penguin indeed is in my possession!


Christmas present from dear Ernest.


Anyhoos, my passion for going out during weekends is still at the lowest level ever, what not when me and Ernest spent almost an hour searching for parking at The Curve. Apart from confusing parking arrangement, some a lot of dungus have decided to simply park in all the odd places you can think of!

Mau makan mop betullah!

Luckily we found a spot when one of our tempers started to rise and there were suggestions to go some other places.

So we went to makan in The Manhattan Fish Market and had a feast too cool ourselves down!

Cheeewwwaaahhhh... the alas also want to enter frame?

For starters: fried mushrooms and mussels in shrimp sauce! I love mussels but i prefer them in garlic sauce!

The cause of our spare tyres and endless burpings: fisherman platter for two! Jangan makan kecuali terlampau lapar, tau!

Sort of like a Christmas celebrationla.



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