Saturday, December 22, 2007


I was minding my own business and waiting for to load, when the familiar D-Technolife ringtone came from my room, prompting me to run into my room to answer the call.

Wai Loon.

As usual, Wai Loon never says "Hello." Instead, he goes by his norm, "Maner (Where)?"

"Rumahlah." I answered.

"Tak keluar ke?"
"Takde orang ajak keluar." Which was incorrect because earlier Pak Wan asked me to go lunch at The Curve with Wen Zhen and Kah Hoong. But since i asked my mom to cook nasi kerabu for me, i had to pass and i couldn't let my mom make tang yuen all by herself. (My sister went out for a movie) Miss Chan and Miss Soo, i owe both of you an outing(s), kay? *hugs*

If you wonder why we conversed in Malay, it is because we are comfortable with it and we are Malaysians by the way. *bangga*

Then this fella asked me to go dinner but initially i didn't want to because of the nasi kerabu, but then he and Teik Keen were VERY persuasive, mau-makan-mop-ka? kind of persuasive, so i wentlar.

We ended up somewhere near my place, which was the Old Town White Coffee cafe at the Kelana Mall near Giant and had some noodles and coffee before proceeding to Giant for jalan-jalan.

Wai Loon had hor fun..

.. and a cup of enriched white coffee which was not white in colour, and it puzzled him.

I had some lum/lam mee and a glass of Nan Yang coffee which was basically kopi O and milk. I hardly drink kopi O so imagine my shock when i sipped this drink. Wonder if i'll be able to get some decent sleep tonight?

Teik Keen had curry mee and the same drink as i had since he reckoned after drinking it, i would never go to Starbucks anymore! Which was quite salah, because after that i wanted a drink from Starbucks! Haha! XP

And the two roti banglas tricked me into choosing my own birthday/Christmas present from The Body Shop!

Whoa! What a lovely packaging! So sayang want to openlah..

What is it? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It's a.. It's a..

Shampoo! Bilberry Colour Protect Shampoo from The Body Shop to be precise!

Yesh. A nice smelling shampoo although it is meant for coloured hair. But nevermindla, my hair got some hints of colouring also, so bolehla.

Anyways, thank you very much for the present boys! I like things that smell nice so it was really a good present! Thanks a lot!

WeeN is happy.

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  1. Life is too short to start with Hello...
    You also know its me ledi..
    No need to beat ard bushes..
    I knw I knw..
    Who caress....
    Glad you like the present...

    -Wai Loon-


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