Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Tang Yuen Day!


So i've been ignorant on why almost at the end of the year, my mother would be making this little glutinous rice balls in syrup where we girls would spend hours rolling and rolling and rolling.

It's supposed to mark the celebration of the Winter Solstice festival which happens every year. I'm not sure if there is an exact date when it is celebrated though.

All i know that i get to eat those little balls immersed in oh-so-sweet syrup and make myself happily happy!

So today, we got the balls rolling! *coughs* I mixed the glutinous rice flour and water together (assisted by mum) until they turned into a nice dough and let it to set for a while (a long while where i spent by playing neopets!) Then mum separated the dough into 3 parts where she put green and red colourings on 2 parts. After that, me and my youngest sister helped her roll the dough into little balls while the syrup consisting of water and sugar is being boiled with pandan leaves.

After all the rollings which got us some hand-aches, the balls were immersed in boiling water to get them cooked and transferred to cold water to harden them and then only transferred into the syrup.

The results are:

One pot for the Wees!

Colourful, right?

Wanna know why this one is extra huge?

It's because i filled it with St. Daflour's Four Fruits jam! Hee Hee.. It was quite hard trying to contain the jam inside the small dough because the syrup from the jam kept spilling out! And i couldn't put much in so the taste was not quite different from the little ones! =_=!!

Some of the old folks said that if on the day of the consumption of tang yuen or eenh (in my Kelantanese-Hokkien-dialect-which-Hokkien-langs-can-hardly-understand) it rains, Chinese New Year will be rain-free!

I can't remember how true it is, but it does look like it's gonna rain, so harap-harap it won't be a wet Chinese New Year for all!

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