Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Alvin and the Chipmunks

If you want to watch a bunch three ccccccuuutttteeeeee chipmunks who can talk, write, sing, dance, harmonize, watch SpongeBobSquarePants, hide toasted waffles in all the odd places you can think of, play videogames, clean up a house, get nightmares, wear spectacles and etcs, then you should watch Alvin and the Chipmunks.

The stars: Theodore, Alvin and Simon (picture from


Alvin, Simon and Theodore are rockin' the cinemas right now and if you've been a fan of the cartoon series many moons ago, go and watch it! But, but, i must warn you, the best thing about the movie are the chipmunks. Only. In my opinionlah.

The chipmunks are really worth watching definitely. The opening of the movie is already worth watching where the boys did a really good rendition of Daniel Powter's You Had A Bad Day, complete with all the harmonizing (the oohs and the aahs)! And goodness, they're also adorable dancers!

Theodore will be the favorite among the three with his cute chubby cheeks, adorable green eyes and just just just cute character. He reckons he still has his baby fats and had supposedly fallen after was given birth!

可愛い!I would also green in the eyes (???) with the amount of whipped cream! (picture from

But be warned though, the storyline might bore you a little, but i can guarantee, the stars of the movie are really the chipmunks themselves!

Went and watch in Berjaya Times Square's GSC but they didn't give me RM6 when i presented my student card. One of the cashiers told me that since it's Wednesday,

student price = adult price = RM7

But Midvalley's and 1 Utama's GSC always give me RM6 with student cards on Wednesdays! And he was shocked when i told him that! Hmmm...

Cheh. Nevermind.

Might drag Ernest to go watch it with me!

*laughs evilly*

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