Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Fa la la la la-ing in Malacca

I came back from Malacca with a headache and a flu.

I celebrated Christmas with(out) style: under the hot scorching sun after my aunt decided to bring us to Bandar Melaka (convoy-ing with 1 Serena, 2 Nissans and 2 Protons).

I jumped into my cousin's car and we got separated separated ourselves from the other cars and parked beside Newton Culture Food Village, an open, nice looking food court which serves halal AND non-halal food, separately.

Here i got to try the very much (in)famous chicken rice balls which is (supposedly) well-known in Malacca and outside of Malacca.

Well, the balls are just normal chicken rice cooked with extra water/chicken stock to make it bcome extra lembik and then shaped into balls. Can make you jelak/muak if consumed too much and yours truly could only managed two inside her mouth!

This baby will cost you RM 0.40 per ball

There are a lot of food to try from chee cheong funs to sushi to mixed rice to noodles and etc and desserts to down all your sorrows! =D

After makan-ing, we went walking around to Dataran Pahlawan and Kota A' Famosa UNDER the hot sun, which gave me my headaches.

Of course, how could you not get headaches when you walk around a city which is packed with a lot of people from Malacca and other parts of Malaysia and not to mention tourists from all parts of the world too!

Tak best. Next Christmas, i'm gonna stay at home.

Oh, before i forget..


Stopped by this on the way back to KL.. hee hee..

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