Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's a messy one.

Went to Sunway Pyramid today for the first time after it was renovated and i was really impressed. The old part of the mall was retained and the section where they had the old TGV and the parking lots are extended and joined so that you can walk in a circle!


The parking lots are equipped with this sensor which would turn red if it's occupied and green otherwise, which reminds me of the first winner of Nescafe Kick-Start plans! Or maybe he did it for this mall!

I'm occupied!

The interior designs are just magnificient since they have an Arabic-like theme, Orange Zone and etcs and there more shops too! There's J.Co Doughnuts, Shogun, Padini Concept Store and even Carl's Jr.!

The path towards the ladies toilet on lower ground floor..

Which brings us to Carl's Jr. Finally i got to try the burgers there! Since i had already eaten lunch and it was kinda late for lunch, me and Ernest shared a medium combo of guacamole bacon burger!

Yup, true to their banners that are posted everywhere, their burgers are big! Although it was a medium combo, the cup size for the drinks are as big as the large-sized of McD's! And refillable too!

And it's great that they place a container of tissues on every dining tables because eating the burgers is like handling a big messy buns-protected-meat-patties-with-equally-messy-sauces which requires a lot of skills. But don't be afraid to get messyla, got tissues and place to wash hands mah.. Furthermore, everyone will also eat messily.. so no worries..

"Hello dears. I'm Guaco. Ready to indulge yourselves into a messy affair with me? What say you, huns?"

And the fries are thicker than the normal fast food fries, with the some of the potatoes skins still intact! And you can add any amount of salt and CRUSHED black pepper to your liking! I approve!

Overall, i give Carl's Jr. 8 out of 10 stars.. if only the prices are more reasonable and not as gigantic as the size.. RM20-something for a medium combo.. *sigh*

Watched National Treasure: Book of Secrets too but i wasn't amused much by it. I think the first movie was betterla. *second sigh*

Disappointed betul..


  1. Hey WeeN! Haha I also just found out about your bloggie from your Facebook account! Check in on me once in awhile la kayz =) I'm trying my best to be a consistent blogger! MizZ ya lots and owHH HahahaHAHA I heard the good news. Congrats WeeN!! Would lurrrve to meet him one day. HrmmM~ Time for me to find myself one of those too =P

  2. hmmm...the comment above macam ada yang tak kena...AM I MISSING OUT ON SMTG???!!

    anyways...the point of my comment is to state that nic cage looks SOOOO OLD in the movie poster. eww la.


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