Sunday, December 30, 2007

It's the end of the year..

and i have no plans tomorrow..

which are confirmed.

Today is the second last day of 2007, and i'm pretty sure that a lot of you out there are planning parties or yam cha sessions or countdown parties etc.

Enjoy yourselves then!

With my limited freedom and love-hate relationship with crowded places, i would rather stay indoor during the eve.. might end up celebrating in a friend's place or might just buy a half gallon Baskin Robbins and kick back and just relax at home and play some games on neopets.

By the way, today i'm supposed to be registering for my 4th semester, but lookie! I'm still back in PJ.


I'm trying to work out some resolutions for the new year, some are old ones which were not carried out during 2007 and some are just new ones.

But i dare say i might not stick to any of them.

Har Har.

Results are out, and i did okay. Not bad, but not too good though, but i'm okaylah.

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  1. hi ween~~
    liyana here...
    hv a great new year by eating that baskin robbins..

    p/s:may i link ur blog to mine??


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