Tuesday, January 01, 2008

7 to 8

On the eve of 2008..

I spent the day by frustrating myself and sulking since i couldn't go out for a movie as planed.

I spent hours on my home's PC neopeting and facebooking.

I spent the night getting angry at someone over priorities issues.

I made sushi with my mom and sister.

I planned on ways how to confront.

I almost made a heart-fatalling decision.

I cried because he was a few minutes late and i didn't get to catch the fireworks with him.


Lookie! It's a new year. So here i am, shamelessly publishing my resolutions for 2008:

I resolve to:
1. lose fats instead of weight (cause the latter is not so effective, lost 4kgs during National Service but gained them back in less than a month!)
2. save money. SAVE! SAVE! SAVE!
3. spend wisely. I hope to spend less on grocery items when i'm back in uni. I don't need 2 separate detergents for machine-washing and hand-washing my clothes. I don't need some expensive cereals to make my day.
4. be more tolerative but at the same time not letting people take advantage on me.
5. learn to understand better and learn to be understood as well.
6. study harder, smarter AND better!
7. think of my parents more and be more filial. Must call grandma once in a while!
8. take care of my things.
9. think before i speak or act.
10. love myself more.
11. manage my life and relationship better.
12. be a better friend.
13. to ignore the unneccessaries. Ignorance is bliss people!
14. to learn new things: languages, arts etc
15. to blog stuff that matters in my life (and not nonsense) and get more people to read my blog. XP

Okay, the last one is a bit fwannee. I do hope that i'll stick to at least some of them and i hope you guys get to stick to yours too!

Til then,


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