Monday, November 19, 2007

Retreat. Defend.

It was painful to see my friends being ignored and having door being slammed at their faces by someone who is not worth to be called a friend.

Someone who ignores your presence, your toleration towards them.

Someone whose hypocriticy sky-rockets so that she could potray herself as the nice and innocent one, while we are the Nazis behind this war.

Someone who thinks that i am stupid enough not to know that i was blocked from her msn list and deleted from her multiply list.

Someone who doesn't clean up the stove after obviously spilling food.

And worst of all, someone who ignores those who tried to care for her (not me).

That someone came from a religious background, and a good family perhaps?

I thing the Lord must surely be ashamed. That's why certain (bad) things had happened to her.

I believe in karma. And i give hugs to those who were hurted, and will be hurted in the future.

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