Saturday, November 17, 2007

Blah la.

Went out for dinner in Kyros Kebab.

Not bad, the kebab wrapped in Lebanese bread (which you can exchange with a Tortilla bread by adding 50 cents) was quite big, and made an excellent heavy meal. Healthy summore you know..

The Kebab with fries was also good: chick pea salad with strips of kebab on top of shredded cabbage with thousand island sauce and fries.. quite a big portion, but i think whoever who wants to go there to try should get the wraps first..

* WeeN is happily bloated *

Baginda sungguh murka.

Anybody read The Star today?

His Royal Highness is displeased over the allegations that he had approved and supported the BERSIH rally (something about rally-ing for clean and fair elections).
(No consent, The Star, 17 November 2007)

I mean, just because you handed the memorandum over to the King's representative, you assumed that the King had approved and supported the move?

wu-liao right?

And how the heck do you know that the elections had been unfair?

Got SOOPER-spy cameras at the election centers is it? Got see all the pengundi hantus simply voting for one particular party is it? Or was it sixth sense?

And i agree when Pak Lah said that our King is mature enough not to fall for any particular tactics concerning the elections.. despite the fact that SOME people said that our King is like patung or whatever word they usela..

Just wait for the elections, and go place your votes. I won't be doing so. Because i don't know who's right and who's wrong. I really don't. I can't read minds like Superman. And i don't want to be voting for people who will end up making a fool out of themselves while debating in the Parliament just because the law says that whatever is said in the Parliament CANNOT be taken to court.

Come onla, you think those people who took advantages of the fact that they cannot be 'touched' because of what they said in the Parliament are VERY mature?

I don't even trust them to take care of my neopet, let alone represent my people.

Ohkay. Stop talking politics. After tak pasal-pasal kena dakwa.


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