Friday, August 17, 2007


Went through my first test a few days ago and i think it will turn out alrite.

I hope so.

Has anybody seen the new Proton car?

Fuuuiiiiyyyyyyoooooo... *whistles* Persona-fied

The dalaman.. waaahhhhhhhhhhhh... *melebih-lebih pulak*

For more news and pic-xies, please proceed to: The Star Motoring

Ah, reminds me a lot of GEN-2+Waja, but it's okay. But it wont be my first choice of Proton car if i want to get any. Would rather have either Wira or GEN-2. Satria Neo would be nice, if it comes in automatic.

I hope my dad is reading this:

I would love to have a car as my 21st birthday present.


Anyways, read The Star online newzie today and the Prime Minister said that Namewee(the Negarakuku fella)'s apology has been accepted by the Cabinet(the opposite of yesterday) but he will still be charge under the Sedition Act(apa ni?) for downgrading/making fun of our beloved national anthem.

Hmm... i dunnola, he made the song sound nice. With my limited Mandarin, i can hardly understand what he rapped in the song, although people have been telling me that he's a bit guo fen.

I dunnola. I think may have to hold a press conference and apologized to the whole country.


I've been watching UVERworld's Timeless Tour clips over and over again..

Renjis, where are you boys?!


  1. XD Don't worry, DAD already READ it as what you had hope for. he laughed.

  2. haha. that's all your dad gives you as a present.
    no car but a laugh..

    w00t. wah that car looks quite nice.

  3. Ambik Gen2, kasi install sama itu bontot, kasi canggih sama itu interior

    tah dah!


    Eh! I mean Proton Persona


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