Saturday, August 25, 2007

Shopping spree~!

Since Ernest went back to KL for 2 days, i took hostage of his beloved wife:


We definitely made good use of the car, went out for dinner in KFC last night and this moning, we woke up early just to go to Pasar Payang to shop for some groceries!

Yng Jiun and turtle eggs.. poor egg-ies..

The mind of a businesswoman: Yng Jiun said this is the most famous brand, so she had me taking this picture so that she can get the supplier's contact number.. >.<"

After spending about an hour in Pasar Payang, we went to Chinatown have some breakfast and Yng Jiun and yours truly wanted to go to Guardian to buy some erm.. Nivea Cellulite patches.. but there weren't any stock left.. sad, sad..

Instead, we bought these:

Yours truly: cow cow comforter

Yng Jiun: Mr. Bean bedsheet

Wanted to stop in Mydin for more shopping but due to the lack of parking lots/endless searching of parking lots which had failed miserably, me and Yng Jiun decided to wait n the car while Mun Yee and Shih-Quan went to get some things.

After we reached home, i just dropped 'dead' on my bed.


And thus, the fridge is full.

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  1. Ooohhh... poor turtles... X(

    Wee Nee! Noone tells the world that they're gonna go get CELLULITE PATCHES!!

    It's like telling ppl that one is going to get viagra.




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