Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I'm supposed to be studying for my 1st ever test for this semester but i'm being donkey lazy.

I can't help but notice that my blog page looks a bit.. boring.


It's just so dull.

And everyone else's is so nice and urm.. bright!

I guess i need to revamp the whole site to battle against the dullness and boringness.

But it's not that important.

I have a test after a few hours the sun rose, i have to check that the preparation for the MMU's tournament is running smooth (which i have yet to decide whether i want to participate as a fighter or just as one of the managers), have to help my junior to plan a budget for the convo sale and get the things (going back to Kelantan, whheeeee~! Can see lil Darren! Whheeee~) and study, study, study..



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