Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Hey everyone!

I'm already back in Terengganu, hence the lack of posting.

I'm staying at a rental place about 15mins(or more) than campus.. with my other 3 coursemates: Shih-Quan, Yng Jiun and Mun Yee (sharing the room with this lass)

I dem lazy want to type lah. But i must say it's gonna be an emotionally tough semester for me.


Picture time!

our first proper home-cooked meal!


And i've already watched Orange Range's Ikenai Taiyou! The director was good at mixing up their old vids with song at the right moments that i couldn't help smiling! And the boys look quite yeng in the oldies white clothes and scarfs!


Even after forgetting them for a while during my holidays, i still want to go and watch them perform!


Mee Chee(Bee Kee)'s SoOper cute slippers!

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  1. ehh ehh... all the food macam digoreng saja... fried this and fried that. Hahaha... At least got soup. XD

    If I were ever to take a shot of my first home cooked meal, it'll be bowls of maggi mee X no of occupants. X(


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