Tuesday, July 03, 2007

TRANSFORM to fish!

Went to watch Transformers on Monday in One Utama (again?!).


I can dare say that this movie was the first movie i had anticipated since i first found out that there is such thing as a Transformers movie.

How to rate ah?

Hmm.. it's sugoi! Especially the part where the Autobots and Decepticons turned from their vehicle selves into their very-the-choOn-i-am-so-yeng-GIANT-talking ROBOTS! (Except for Bumblebee who had vocal chords problem in the beginning, after effects of a war it seemed) Those 'transformations' scenes are like so damn freaaaaaakkkkkkiiiinnnnggggggg.... real, man!


The only thing that made me go blearh *face distortes, tongue sticks out to the side* during the movie are the fighting (or wrestling) or trying to-kill-each-other scenes between the 2 sides.. They made me SO SO SO SO CONFUSED! I was like.. "Where's the head?", "Who's fighting who ah?", "Is that the butt?" all the time! =/

There are funny scenes which i would classify as cute toO! Especially the part where the Autobots were trying to hide from Sam's parents by attaching themselves to parts of the house!

*imagines Autobots playing hide and seek with WeeN*

And yeah, i do agree that some scenes can just be erased so that the movie can just end at 2 hours running time, which had me late for my dinner with my coursemates in... KLCC!

Went to The Manhattan Fish Market which was surprisingly GOOD that even a not-fish-lover ended up happy! =) Well, i shared the whole giant platter thingie with Bee Kee and Pui Tze (the only one who left our course to go to UTAR!) while Ernest helped us finish our garlic rice!

I don't mind going there againlah despite of my love-hate relationship with fish! Give and take i must say.. Hmm..

Then off we went to Secret Recipe for a slice of Apple Crumble Cheese (which was quite hard) and a slice of Chocolate Chip Walnut!

we happy? YESH!

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