Monday, July 23, 2007

Physically UNWELL

Got hit by a tummy ache bug yesterday after Pizza Hut dinner with Ernest and Yng Jiun and it sucked like hell! (Not like i've been to hell).. still feeling uncomfy here right now.. And i wasted my whole class-less Monday by sleeping and nursing myself to perfect health condition which i could have used to spend it with.. *ahem* and i skipped breakfast, lunch but thank goodness i had dinner!

The Gardenia Toast 'Em that Ernest bought me tastes like soap. But i'm eating it with Lady's Choice Peanut Butter and Strawberry Flavoured Stripes, so it's not so badla.

Dem hungry weh..

Sleeping too much gives you headache, and i agree with that. Cos i'm having a crazy headache right now. But i refuse to sleep yet. Cos i like staying awake at night when it's all quiet and there's no funny sound whatsoever to bug me. And i like being online the whole time.

I've been notti with my bunny.


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