Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lab malfunction

Had my first lab for this 3rd semester for Material Science and boy, after years of being pampered by the lab instructors and teachers on how to carry out experiments, doing them on your own is like learning how to walk with your 2 bare hands on a rocky road(bad comparison but nevermind)!

The devil!

The lab manual given was like a real manual, y'know, the kind that comes in a booklet form when you purchase stuff... Me and Shih-Quan were basically trying to figure out what to do and we wasted a lot of paper, and may have ended up jamming the whole testometric machine(tho i still think that the machine has already been faulty and loose cos the upper grip didn't want to grip our specimen properly!) Not to mention the demonstrater oso like blur-blur a bit(although she's actually really nice)..

But it's NOT our fault!

Seems like we have to go and do againla.. *sigh*

Eeeeevvvviiiiilllllll un-co-operative machine! DIE you!!! Rarrrr!!!!!....*hammers everything til tinggal bits and pieces* Roti Bangla BUSUK betul!!!

Luckily we didn't end up stressing ourselves too much til we became like these 3 fellas:


After tahan-ing myself for a while, i couldn't help satisfying myself to this today:

Wasted RM2.50 on thisla.. still prefer sharing Baskin Robbins ice-cream with my loveable bunny! =P

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