Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Of O13 and piccus

Went to watch Ocean's Thirteen yesterday in One Utama.

Hmm.. didn't like it, maybe because by not watching the two movies before it has resulted me in being blur of the characters and how they came about. Although there were funny scenes, and how they could communicate with that Chinese (Shaobo Qin) dude.. and not to mention the HOT old characters.. Danny and Rusty (George Clooney and Brad Pitt --> was never fond of Brad Pitt, but i must admit he looked really good in the movie, although a bit old =P) oohhh.. and the very innocent Linus (Matt Damon).. ^^

So, go watch it for the.. HOT old men. Wait, Matt Damon's not oldlah. Or else you can either choose to skip the movie, or sleep during the movie. Or feast your eyes on the one who's accompanying you for the movie. Haha.


Just realise i didn't post any pictures while i was going through my MASUM phase, so here goes some of the few i have:

UMT's 12! =P Standing: Radhiah-Yusrizal-Aishah-Jason-Dixon-Sathia-Mazri-Yit Sian
Squatting(whatever): Noorlee-Masriati-Syidah-WeeN

Erm.. we like RED?

Just being silly after running, hopping and crawling up and down this stairs.. =P

Our worn-out shoes!
I got to keep the cap.. ONLY!

Choon leh?

Welcome to Pulau Pinang!

Can you believe that we actually WALKED to the opening ceremony?! What to do.. want to avoid traffic jam.. haha..

Ah, yours truly with the cheeky Kak Rad!

The USM-ers and the official MASUM mascot for 2007!

More pictures to come.. but mostly you can find them in my Multiply sitelah.

Til then..

Xxxx~All hands together people!~xxxX

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