Thursday, June 28, 2007


Went to watch Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer with Wai Loon, Teik Keen and Audrey in One Utama (seems like i kept going to 1U all the time.. hmm..) yesterday. We went for the 7.30pm show, got the row K seat, which was basically the 4th row from the screen. Thank gOodness none of us suffered from any neck disalignment or anything.


Anyways, the show was.. not to say horriblelah.. it was just.. it was just.. i oso dunno how to describe it. Let's just say my liking for it is as much as my liking for Ocean's Thirteen. Or maybe lower. Mr. Fantastic's just too old and not as goOd-loOking as Danny and Rusty, while Susan Storm's just TOO blonde and her eyes are just TOO blue and not to mention the metallic blue eyeliner! Chris Evans as Johnny Storm is cute tho.. ^^

After the movie we (Wai Loon was substituted by a lil bunny who lost his way to 1U.. haih..) went to have some Western food for late dinners. For Audrey it was her second. And she's still that petite. Wow. I like my dinner though, plus i had a wonderful 'dessert' after that. YUM-MY!


Orange Range no new look! *Thanks to Fang*

This picture is available at the official website, profile section

I like Yamato and Naoto here.. and if only my Yoh didn't button his shirt up til the neck.. he would have earn some points from me. But hell, my oranges DO look good.


Watching my lovely penguin friends tomorrow! Awesome, man!

Awww... Kawaii desu~!

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  1. helloo,

    I think you might like this one :).
    Here is the new single of orange range ikenai taiyo
    (make sure you view this with internet explorer, wait for a few seconds. it might take a minute, but it's the right link. Then a screen will pops up and you can listen to the song). I really like it :)


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