Monday, June 25, 2007


Ah... haven't been blogging for 4 days! Choon eh?

Hmmm.. nothing much bout my life, but i can bet it's getting a lil bit better than it was before.. Maybe it's because i've definitely grown up a little bit, and i just want to do things that will ensure my happiness.

Such as, not watching Death Note the anime anymore!


I have finally watched Pirates 3, and the only reason worth watching that movie is Captain Jack Sparrow, and NOT William Turner. Agree, no?

A bit the lamelah my arts.. but nevermind.. =P

Going to go back to Terengganu next week, i'm not very happy bout that idea. Oh, well.. 4 more semesters to go before i can graduate, and to be in the 1st class Honours roll, i have to score 4.00 for every of my leftover semesters..

A bit the mission impossible, rite?


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