Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Katak di bawah TEMPURUNG..

Yuen has this idea of going to Gua Tempurung.

So anybody wants to go?

Everyone's welcomed (as she saidla) espeacially those who can drive to Ipoh!

But anyways, all adventurous maniacs are simply, happily allowed to join!!!

I want to go! Cos i want to turn into an adventurous maniac! I'm a maniac, but i ain't that adventurous, so since i have only 3 weeks left (including this week) of my end-of-1st-year hols, i shud turn into one adventurous maniac onna!


Okay, basically i'm boredla.. but i havent been putting my brains into good use by planning lotsa activities with my friends . Maybe cos i hate planning, and maybe cos i half-heartedly would not like to depart from one of my most beloved: CASH

I'm almost broke. Almost. *winks*

TRANSFORMERS will be out on the 28th!!! Thank GoOdness! At least it will be the last movie i watch before going back to the cinema-un-equipped Kuala Terengganu... *cries*

Must rely on the pirateslah that means..

*heavy sigh*

Will be going to Midvalley in a few hours time..

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