Sunday, June 10, 2007


Thank you Shun for the news!

Went out to KL yesterday... =) and got home and the right time but ventured out to get some 'bites' til i ended up getting into trouble with mom.


Haha. Anyways, no one's to blame. *ahem*

Here's how the Eye on Malaysia looked like on the night of 7th June 2007:


  1. so nice~! i wanna go too... :(

  2. BITES??? BITES???? What kind of BITES????? XDXD Must bitch with WL abt this ady. WOhohohohoho!

    Yeah, the eye of Malaysia sure is nice. Have yet to be on it though.

  3. No problem. you could check the jpopmusic forum for more orange range news ;). Sorry, not trying to advertise here, but it's a nice site, where people talk about OR :) Love your site by the way :)


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