Friday, June 08, 2007



Finally, something on my oranges!

Seems that the boys will be releasing a best album which comes in 2 versions: ORANGE and RANGE!

This news might not be THAT accurate since i can't read Japanese that very well so bear with me, k? Just couldn't help it that i lack news about those fellas!

Went to sit on the huge (i'm overdoing it) ferris wheel at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa called Eye On Malaysia yesterday night with mom, sisters and cousin. The ride cost RM15 for adults and RM8 for kids so if you think a 20-sumthing minute (6 turns, mebbe?) is worth your money, please go ahead! But do so after the school holidays end if you want to ride it with your special someone. Don't want to have kids running around here and there when you're walking around holding hands with him/her. But the watershow thingie is worth looking at though.. so..
Anyways, not gonna load any pics yet.. it's not like i have THAT many photos to show.. haha..

I need to get out of the house tomorrow! They will cut the electricity to the whole place.. TNB wants to do something it seems..


*goes off to watch the 37th episode of BLOOD+*

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  1. more news :)

    OR will also be releasing a new single on july 18th, that calls Ikenai Taiyou! this song will also appear on a j-drama serie.


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