Monday, March 26, 2007

Muscle tear

My coach said i tore my muscle. Hence, i've been walking like my right leg is the most useless thing i own right now. It's not THAT bad though.. but i think i should go and get the necessary treatment, no?

Hope to be in the team!!

So, two wonderful nights had passed.. whereby i felt the prettiest.. cos SOMEONE said so.. but that SOMEONE was too dumb to appreciate the time we had on the ride home.. all sweet and nice but today HE insulted me (about my muscle tear) by saying that he thought a cat bit me.. blearh..

Go figure

Anyways, the food for the course night was horrible except for the caramel pudding but surprisingly, the food for the WPC Prom Night was better! (Although we had both events in the same place AND ballroom) Nevertheless, the course night was wayyyy... more fun than the prom night.

Picture time!

KEMAFIZ dinner 22/03/2007

The 9 Chinese flowers of first year Physics course!

with our Digital Electronics lecturer, Miss Salisa

leng chais? no? =0P

Prizes for the lucky ones.. ehehehe..

Performing Mimpi/Fei

First year!

WPC Prom Night 23/03/2007

*for more pictures, go to*

Anyways, my brother bought my Feb and March issues of B-Pass.. and i am so thankful for that! Cos i'm missing my oranges like crazy, and Fang decreased it by showing me pictures of Yoh from their Fantazical tour pamphlet.. i wish i could have it cos Yoh looks so freakin' HOT in it! Agggghhhhh... kenot tahan wehhh...

Currently watching BLOOD+.. finished til the 10th episode already.. cried during the 6th and 7th episodes when Saya had to kill her father so that he could die as a human.. ='( But the show is set in Okinawa.. so.. hehehe... Orange Range yeah!


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